[tp_vc_callout2 text=”Let’s beat Leukaemia together” linktext=”Donate Online” linkurl=”http://www.kkltrust.org/donate-online/”]
[tp_vc_headline headline=”Bone Marrow” alignment=”center”][/tp_vc_headline][tp_vc_callout2 text=”Bone marrow transplant and indeed other organ donation give patients suffering from cancer and other blood disorders a new lease of life. Current statistics show that cancer is one of the leading cause of death in Africa today” linktarget=”onepager-link”]
[tp_vc_headline headline=”Could you be a hero”]By joining the bone marrow register TODAY you could save a life. All it takes is a cheek swab or a saliva sample. This sample could then be used one day to give someone the gift of life.

Sadly, in many cases most adults and children cannot get the lifesaving bone marrow transplant due to no match for them on the register. More East African donors are URGENTLY needed as we are unrepresented in the bone marrow register. This is a race against time, be a match, save a life. Register today and help us change the world.

To register please contact Delete Blood Cancer UK stem cell register. Age range to join 17 to 55 years.

Please visit Antony Nolan. Age range 16 to 30 years.
You can also visit the African -Carribean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT), a charity dedicated to raising awareness for the black and ethnic minority in the UK. http://www.aclt.org/[/tp_vc_headline]

[tp_vc_headline headline=”BONE MARROW DONATION”]Unfortunately, bone marrow donation is racial specific, meaning, a patient is more likely to get a match from someone from their own ethnic background. Here in the UK, a black and ethnic minority patient in need of bone marrow transplant have a 30-40 % chance of getting a match where as a white European has 90% of getting a match, in fact multiple matches. For black patients, the chance is even lower, approximately less than 20%.

In Kenya, where no bone marrow registry exist, the chance of finding a match are minimal or zero.[/tp_vc_headline]

[tp_vc_headline headline=”The process of bone marrow donation”]The process of bone marrow donation starts by identifying a donor with the same HLA (Human leukocyte antigen) type. Unless a donor has essentially the same HLA barcode as a recipient, the donor cells can attack the body, or the recipient’s cells can attack the donor’s cells. Contrary to what most people think, stem cell donation is a simple process that begins with either a cheek swab or saliva sample. The samples are then tested in the laboratory and the HLA codes are then stored in a bone marrow register for future matching of potential recipients.

Once an individual has been established as a potential donor, the donor is invited to the hospital for stem cell harvesting; 9 out of 10 people donate their stem cells in a quick and easy process similar to giving blood, called peripheral blood stem cell collection.[/tp_vc_headline]

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