The pandemic was a hard time for many organisations, especially within the charity sector, but KKLT has pulled through thanks to the hard work and dedication of it’s team members.

Some challenges faced during and after the pandemic:

  • Going virtual/online
  • No face to face events
  • Finding ways of connecting with people on the topic of leukaemia
  • Going back to face to face events in 2022- people still being uncomfortable to attend events

During lock down, much was still done to keep KKLT active online, for example:

  • click here to see the 2020 “Don’t rush challenge” on Instagram, done by some of the beautiful KKLT women during the pandemic in 2020. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ladies for keeping KKLT virtually alive during some hard times.
  • KKLT did many Mental Health Virtual events during 2020/2022

Celebrating Progress: Here is some of what KKLT got up to in 2022…..

Partnership with Wimbledon college

The partnership will allow KKLT to work with the college to speak to sixth formers and the wider community to raise awareness around leukaemia and KKLT’s work. The late Kevin (pictured below) studied in Wimbledon College for his Secondary and 6th form so this partnership is extra special to KKLT.

The late Kevin Kararwa for whom the Trust was created in memory of

Events KKLT has done to raise awareness

After 2 years of disruption due to the pandemic, in 2022 KKLT was able to do face to face events and attend festivals across the UK. This was only possible through the Big Lottery Fund. Events done included:

  • African Village Event July 2022- London,
  • African Diaspora Festival- July 2022- Milton Keynes 
  • Kenyans in Reading Family Festival- August 2022
  • Black History Activity Books Launch October 2022- Birmingham

In total, KKLT managed to register approximately 100 new donors. One day one of these donors may the be difference between life and death for another leukaemia sufferer. Without volunteers this would not be possible so thank you to all those who gave their time in 2022.  

African Village 2022- Signing up donors!


Team Reading- Kenyans in Reading Family Festival- August 2022


Team Reading and their new friend

                         From KKLT’s volunteer Elizabeth W (Kenyans in Reading Family Festival- 2022)


             Team KKLT hard at work: Black History Activity Books Launch October 2022- Birmingham

Post Code Lottery Project (PCLP)

Money received from the Post Code Lottery Project was used by KKLT support people in the community. The beneficiaries of this support were people in the community who are dealing with blood cancer related illness. KKLT volunteers helped with things such as, food shopping for the person or family/emotional support, offering a listening ear and much needed help for the families and carers of those going through an illness. If you would like to volunteer please let Ian or Veronica know. 

Monthly Emotional support sessions

Thank you to all who participated

Lead by Veronica, these Emotional Support sessions started in 2022, and have been held over zoom to support people going through cancer related illnesses such as leukaemia/sick cell and their families. The sessions covered coping mechanisms for patients who have been diagnosed, tips to help alleviate stress and anxiety and guest speakers who have gone through the illness spoke of their experiences and how they managed.

Volunteers Meeting held 12th of March 2022

Our first meeting since the pandemic held at Hilton Hotel Croydon. THANK YOU to those who could make it!

KKLT Team Meeting in march 2022

KKLT Team Coach Linda Muyombo (left side)

Volunteers Christmas dinner held on 26.11.2022


KKLT had a volunteers Christmas dinner which helped bring up some good points to apply moving forward to help KKLT grow and achieve its goals. Thank you to all who came.

Guest speakers at the dinner included KKLT’s team and life coach Linda Muyombo and Project manager for the Post Code Lottery Fund, Wambui Njau who is volunteering her skills to help KKLT manage the funds received from the Post Code Lottery Fund.

            Welcome to the KKLT Team- Linda and Wambui (in centre of the picture sitting down)

                                                                 2022 KKLT Christmas dinner

Our Guest speaker and KKLT’s Team Coach shared some reminders of why we are here

“Leukaemia doesn’t have a face, anyone can get affected and it is our responsibility to ensure that we educate our community to become donors, so that no one in our families will suffer because they cannot get a donor”

Linda Muyombo- Life Coach

In 2023 KKLT will be growing and aiming to continue its vision of raising awareness of leukaemia and registration of potential life saving donors.

In 2023 KKLT will be doing a Dinner Gala event at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston, South East England- more details to follow. The gala will be a remembrance event of the late Kevin Kararwa who the trust was created in memory of.

The Dinner/Gala event will feature:

Live music/entertainment,
3 course Dinner,
Beautiful venue (Hilton hotel),
Guest speakers