Volunteer with us

Work this important is never over or done alone


General Volunteer Task or Role of Volunteer

  1. Outreaching to the communities through attending of events, community festivals and meetings, to promote the trust and its aims and objectives.
  2. Signposting people to health and social care services, in particular in relation to Leukaemia and other blood disorder problems.
  3. Distributing health promotion literature on Leukaemia in places and in areas frequented by BME communities, such as community centres, libraries, youth centres, housing neighbourhood offices, places of worships, internet cafes, shops and restaurants.
  4. Supporting the trustees and staff of KKLT to organise workshops, seminars and conferences.
  5. Undertaking campaigns to promote health awareness and collect information and findings on specific health issues (leukaemia) and

Time Commitment

  • At least 4 hours a week
  • Attend regular meetings with other volunteers
  • Attend regular meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator.


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