We are a charity on a mission to create awareness, educate, engage and offer support.

KKLT’s mission is to engage BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) by educating and raising awareness on Leukaemia, stem cell donation, and Stem Cell Transplant in the United Kingdom.

We achieve this by holding workshops, doing outreach work, creating events, partnering with other organizations, participating in the communities, joining, and attending BAME Community events, and going to places of worship.  We also provide food parcels and emotional and physical support to patients and their families.


“I decided am going to live my live and am going to fight the cause, am going to do what I can to educate more people and be there for some else like me”
Jane Elliott
Cancer Survivor

Ways you can help

Becoming a potential stem cell donor

Did you know – Blood Cancer is curable and one can be the cure! Join us & help fight blood disorders. It takes approximately 5 minutes to register yourself as a potential donor.

Financial contributions

You can support our life saving cause through financial giving. Its cost £50 for one stem cell onboarding pack (kit used for swabbing) which allow us to sign up potential stem cell donors.


We are looking for volunteers who would give up some of their time to help us achieve our mission. Join our volunteering and internship opportunities and find the perfect role to suit you.


Price – £14.99

What is life all about?
Although we did not choose to be here, we are responsible for our choices as we grow in life. Life is full of challenges. Some of which break us and put us at crossroads where we ask questions about life and its purpose. Do you want to understand what life is and how to live a fulfilled and satisfying one? Unfortunately, not many people know how, but this book answers those questions. Within these pages, Veronica, a professional therapist with almost two decades of experience, shares invaluable insights and tools for self-discovery and meaningful living. She draws upon her own purpose-driven life, deeply impacted by the tragic loss of her son to leukaemia. Her personal journey to recovery and professional experience as a mental health practitioner inspire the principles within this book. Like a life-coaching session, she guides you on the path to self-discovery and inner wellbeing.