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Emotional and Moral Support

Emotional and Moral support is a key part of helping people in their times of need. Without emotional support, the human aspect of us fails to feel supported, heard, and loved.

During Covid-19 outbreak we realized leukaemia patient were facing isolation and loneliness, as they were advised to rigorously follow shielding measures in order to keep themselves safe as they were at risk of severe illness if they catch coronavirus. Following a research, we conducted that time, we found out many were feeling stuck in their minds and were unable to break the thought cycle.

We started holding emotional & moral support programme online (using zoom) once every month with an aim of providing a platform to help patients and their immediate families improve their mental well-being, break that cycle and helping them feel better about themselves and their situation. With time, we realised many needed the programme and since then we have been holding online events fortnightly, where we invite different professional from all walk of life as guest speakers. During some sessions patients are able to interact and share with other’s undergoing the same or those who have recovered.


You can watch some recorded events here >> (due to patient personal sensitive issue, some events are not recorded)

Awareness Drive

we sought to create awareness about Leukaemia and other blood cancers by encouraging, educating, providing information and recruit as many BME (black and ethnic minority) members to register on the UK stem-cell registry and potentially save the lives of others in the process. To date we have help register 4,000 individuals and aim to triple that in the next 3 years.

Food Bank

Our food bank has been running since 2020, when the charity started arranging food parcels and medication deliveries to Leukaemia patients and their household. So far 25 household are beneficiary of this project.

Merton Borough Project

Wimbledon Community Foundation has partnered with the charity to provide practical and emotional support to Black and Ethnic communities living with leukaemia and other blood cancers, their families and carers living in Merton borough. The project is aimed in engaging, educating and providing information leaflets to the members of BME communities, improving both the physical and mental health well- being of the beneficiaries by: reducing isolation and loneliness; anxiety; stress as well as increase their access to the essential health and social care services. If you live in Merton borough, you are community leader or thinking on staging an BME community event; contact us and we can find a comprehensive way of engaging with your guests.