We are looking for volunteers who would give up some of their time to help us achieve our mission. We are looking for people with a wide range of skills.

General Volunteer Task or Role of Volunteer

  1. Outreaching to the communities through attending of events, community festivals, meetings in particular those organised by black minority ethnic communities, in particular Africans, to promote the trust and its aims and objectives.
  2. Signposting people to health and social care services, in particular in relation to Leukaemia and other blood disorder problems.
  3. Distributing health promotion literature on Leukaemia in places and in areas frequented by African communities, such as community centres, libraries, youth centres, housing neighbourhood offices, places of worships, internet cafes, shops and restaurants owned by Africans.
  4. Supporting the trustees and staff of KKLT to organise workshops, seminars and conferences.
  5. Undertaking campaigns to promote health awareness and collect information and findings on specific health issues (leukaemia)
Skills and Experiences required of the volunteers
  1. Have an interest in promoting health and well being.
  2. Have an interest in supporting people.
  3. Are confident, outgoing and enthusiastic.
  4. Have good boundaries and understand how to behave professionally.
  5. Are good at networking and making connections with people.
  6. Are keen to develop their own skills and experiences.
Benefits of Volunteering with KKLT
  1. Free training leading to recognised qualifications in health promotion- ideal for anyone looking for a career in the area.
  2. Work experience in health and social care.
  3. Develop skills in community development, community engagement through outreach work and community consultations.
  4. Coaching and support from the project co-ordinator or volunteer co-ordinator.
  5. Opportunities to share your volunteer experiences with other people.
  6. References for future employment.

Time Commitment

  1. At least 4 hours a week
  2. Attend regular meetings with other volunteers
  3. Attend regular meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator.


  1. We will pay the following expenses:
  2. Standard rate public transport to and from place of voluntary work or any other journeys such as outreach.
  3. Subsistence (meals and refreshments if not provided by the trust on the day) for work over 4 hours.

Please email us at info@kkltrust.org to enquire about volunteering with kkltrust or fill in our volunteer application form below.